PopSockets Merchandise for Resale

Welcome to WriteOn Promotions' exclusive page explaining PopSockets Merchandise for Resale. If you're a business eager to enhance your merchandising strategy with branded PopSockets, you've come to the right place.

In today's market, merchandise serves as an effective marketing tool to engage and connect with your customer base, and PopSockets are no exception. At WriteOn Promotions, we offer businesses like yours the opportunity to design unique, custom-branded PopSockets that not only function as practical mobile accessories but also act as powerful marketing tools.

What is considered "Merch", and how does it compare to Promo Items?

Merchandise for resale vs. promo items, while similar, serve distinct purposes in the realm of PopSockets marketing. Merchandise for resale involves PopSockets branded with your unique design or logo, which are sold to customers as retail items. These are meant to generate revenue while concurrently enhancing brand recognition.

On the other hand, promo items are typically PopSockets given away as freebies during promotional events or campaigns, or included as bonuses with other purchases. The primary purpose of promo items is to increase brand visibility, promote customer loyalty, and potentially attract new customers, rather than direct revenue generation. Both strategies have their unique benefits and are effective tools for strengthening your brand's reach and impact.

Why Should I resell PopSockets Merch?

Why PopSockets, you ask? They're trendy, functional, and with your custom branding, they become a unique promotional product that your customers will appreciate and use daily. Your logo on these popular accessories transforms them into walking billboards, promoting your brand every time a phone is lifted.

Popular Products for PopSockets Merch 

  1. PopGrip (standard adhesive)
  2. PopWallet (standard adhesive)
  3. PopGrip (for MagSafe)
  4. PopWallet+ (for MagSafe)

We at WriteOn Promotions understand that every business has specific retailing needs, which is why we offer flexible packaging options. We're equipped to provide packaging with our UPC, but if you have your own UPC information, we can easily integrate it into the packaging, ensuring a seamless match with your current retail setup.

Whether your business operates online, out of a traditional storefront, or both, our custom PopSockets can give your merchandise offering a significant boost. Your customers won't just see these as a purchase, but as a way to carry a piece of your brand with them, creating a deeper connection between you and your customer base.

Process for Reselling PopSockets Merch

The process is straightforward – you provide the design and choose your preferred packaging, and we take care of the production. With WriteOn Promotions, it's not just about merchandising for resale; it's about using merchandise as a means to enhance brand visibility and deepen customer loyalty. To start an order for reselling PopSockets merch, please reach out to our sales team at: Support@WriteOnPromotions.com.


Create Your Merchandising Opportunity Now

We invite you to discover the benefits of adding our PopSockets to your merchandise mix. With WriteOn Promotions, you're not simply purchasing a product; you're investing in an effective marketing tool that can significantly elevate your brand. Reach out to us today to begin your journey into the world of custom-branded PopSockets merch for resale. 

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