Case Studies

Item: PopThirst Industry:
Corporate Use example: A prominent electronics brand purchased 2,500 PopThirsts to promote their brand at one of the largest trade shows in Las Vegas.
Distribution example: The PopThirsts were given to attendees upon entry with a cup of coffee.
Result: Recipients were ecstatic because this was an item they would be using post event
Item: PopWallet+
Industry: Healthcare
Use example: One of the most recognized hospitals in the US was in search of a nurse-appreciation gift to recognize their in-house heroes.
Distribution example: Branded PopWallets were distributed to every nurse in 10 hospitals.
Result: The nurses felt appreciated by their employer and show their pride in their hospital every day with an accessory that makes their lives a little better through its utility.
Item: PopGrip Industry: Gaming
Use example: A top 10 video game company wanted promote a new release at one of the largest gaming conventions in the US by having a memorable handout at their booth.
Distribution example: The PopGrips were handed out to all attendees who stopped by the booth to engage with their staff. Result: The buzz on the floor was about a company handing out PopSockets which increased their booth traffic by 50% more visitors than expected.