Collection: MagSafe Cell Phone Products

Introducing WriteOn Promotions' MagSafe collection of PopSockets, the ultimate choice for businesses and organizations looking to enhance their marketing strategy with innovative promotional items. Our premium selection of MagSafe PopSockets products provides a seamless and convenient user experience, making them perfect for bulk purchases and B2B marketing efforts. Browse through our assortment of MagSafe cases, chargers, and accessories to find the perfect MagSafe solution that showcases your brand while offering added value to your clients or employees.

Our PopSockets MagSafe collection is compatible with various iPhone models that support MagSafe technology, ensuring effortless integration and user satisfaction. Elevate your brand's presence and leave a lasting impression with our MagSafe collection, designed to cater to the promotional needs of modern businesses and organizations.

Don't let your message fade on seldom-worn tees or easily misplaced pens – switch to PopSockets for lasting brand visibility. From the office to the gym, and everywhere in between, your logo will be seen with our custom-branded PopSockets products.

Our standard PopGrip is the promo marketing go-to for 2023.