Collection: Easter Promotional Items

Celebrate the season with WriteOn Promotions' Easter Promotional Items! As Easter festivities bloom, keep your brand hopping with our wide range of high-quality, customized items designed specifically for Easter enthusiasts. These make the perfect promo items at your next Easter-themed event or giveaway.

At WriteOn Promotions, we cater to businesses and organizations of all sizes. Our commitment to providing exceptional customer service and competitive pricing ensures that you'll find the perfect Easter promotional items to suit your marketing goals. Choose from Easter-themed giveaway products, Easter swag, and Easter gifts to make a lasting impression.

Buy customized Easter-themed promotional products today

Don't let the joy of the Easter season pass by without showcasing your brand. Shop our Easter Promotional Items collection now, to get Easter-themed gift ideas, and create a lasting impression with your clients during Easter events. These promo items are perfect for Easter-themed giveaways, gifts for Easter celebrations, and general promotional products.

Don't let your message fade on seldom-worn tees or easily misplaced pens – switch to PopSockets for lasting brand visibility. From the office to the gym, and everywhere in between, your logo will be seen with our custom-branded PopSockets products.

Our standard PopGrip is the promo marketing go-to for 2023.


PlantCore PopGrip

PopSockets new series of plant-based polymers using castor beans, canola oil and corn starch. 

It’s a promotional piece you and your audience can feel good about because it was designed with sustainability in mind.

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Custom PopGrip (MagSafe) - WriteOn Promotions


PopGrips with your design

A game-changing accessory that seamlessly attaches to your users iPhone! Custom printed featuring your company logo or unique artwork.

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Keep your cards secure and your brand in the spotlight while enjoying a hassle-free, magnetic connection to your iPhone.

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Promoting has never been easier!

Pair multiple designs onto a single promotional item. Your fans will put it on their phone and become a walking bill-board for your brand!

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